Dried Stock Fish

Frozen Atlantic & Pacific Mackerel Fish

Aptamil Baby Formula

Frozen Shrimps&Lobster

Frozen Tuna Fish

Monster Energy Drink


We deliver the requirements to you in bulk, are 100% unprocessed and raw, especially popular for originality, no chemicals are used during procession


The producer and manufacturer of our company, work in the healthiest environment in the most organic way possible.


We are the most-trusted entity of bulk services, especially known for the experience of exporting to world-class traders at wholesale price.

Why Choose Us

Supreme Quality

We seek to keep our promise of providing you with the supreme quality products, in the most convenient way.

Professional Service

The products we sell here, are professionally packed with environment-friendly methods, delivered safely to you.

Customer Friendly

We respect our customers and thus provide them with the high-grade hospitality, without hesitation.

What People Say

I am Associated with Holdam Trading Supplies since last 7 months. During last 7 months, my trading experience/trading education is developed, grown tremendously as with every call I received highly professional technical, fundamental and logical reasoning, upon request, even for my personal trades. Traders Place Accuracy of premarket information is very high. It always helped me to entry and exit the trade.


Holdam Trading Supplies provided are unbiased, based on purely technical & logical analysis and not on just hear & say. All types of calls are covered whether delivery/short/medium/long term or intraday or positional or derivatives etc. The calls are such that exorbitant capital is not required and average trader can easily cope with & manage the trades.

John Smith

I appreciate unbiased advice provided by Holdam Trading Supplies BV when spoke to them regarding their services. Though I was investor since long, I was new to trading. Holdam has advised me not to blindly follow their advice instead asked to learn on my own (books, paper trade) and use their service as guidance. This is rare as most of the advisor’s boast about things which are impractical and ultimately innocent investor loose their money.

Bob James

About Us

Holdam Trading Suppies BV mission is to serve a worldwide customer base providing innovative international trading and logistics solutions that recognize the value of customer care. Established in May 2008.

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